Kindness to Strangers

It was a cold afternoon. A stranger stood at the light with a sign. He was shivering. His sign read ‘need money for food’…

A woman was in a car with her son, they were laughing about the game that her son had played at recess. Then, they noticed the man with the sign. The woman thought to herself, was this man truly hungry or did he need money for drugs. She could either drive off or give the man some change. Well, she did neither. Rather, she drove to the nearest parking lot, walked up to the man, and offered to buy him a jacket and some food.

The man gave the lady a broad smile. Together, they walked to Marshalls. They shopped for clothes, scarves, gloves and jackets. After shopping, they walked together to the nearest Chic-fil-A and bought dinner. The woman, her son and the stranger sat together and had dinner. Over dinner, they got to know each other a little bit. The man was going through hard times and did not have money for food.

The woman bought him a $100 gift card for food and shared helpful resources with her new friend.

We were so glad to learn about this story.

A 2 Z Good!


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