Culture of Good @ TCC Verizon

What’s your corporate culture? All work and no play? Money, money, money? Culture of good?

As an employee, do you take your soul to work?

We are happy to learn about a company doing good in the community!

Meet TCC Verizon Wireless (your neighborhood authorized Verizon retailer), a big advocate of the culture of good!  Culture of good stems from a deep seated desire to do more good in the world. TCC practices this culture by  providing financial support to the community. Also, the company encourages its employees to volunteer locally. By combining social positive impact with sound business decisions, TCC is showcasing the culture of good brand! Watch out people! The Good Tour Bus may be coming to a city near you. According to Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, your brand is your culture. And we sure do like brands that do good!

TCC Verizon Wireless is making the world better, will you join them?

Join the A 2 the Z Good! movement! Do good anywhere, anytime!


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